The best thing about the ceramic medium is its customizability. A plain ceramic surface can be painted an endless amount of ways: from simple to sophisticated, from cute & cartoonish to cultured & contemporary. It’s all about bringing your choice, your vision, and your needs into the design. Will your piece be a gift to mark a significant occasion? Or a just-because? Will it serve a function, such as a backsplash or dinner service, or is it art to be proudly displayed?

No matter what the occasion calls for, it is possible in pottery. If there is nothing out there that suits your vision, we can hand-craft it out of clay at our studio to fit your exact design.

We can also repair and restore your unique ceramic pieces—no matter how bad the damage, we will do our best to refurbish your pottery. In worse case scenarios, we can explore the options of replacing or recreating your piece!

Design consultations are always free! Just give us a call, an email, or come in to the studio anytime Mon-Sun 10-8.

Listed below are some of our most popular pieces of pre-conceived custom ceramics.