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What’s Happening at the Studio?

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Have yourself a Vintage lil’ Christmas

The Holiday season is in full swing at Dynamic Ceramics! Come get creative in your gift-giving adventures this year with us. Custom plates, platters, mugs and more! Not to mention ornaments and… TREES! Keep reading to learn more about these beauties. Ah yes, the vintage Christmas tree. Everybody’s grandma either has one or had one, […]

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Custom Gifts that You’ll Love Making

You can get the best of both worlds this season at Dynamic Ceramics–creating personalized gifts for your loved ones while gifting yourself with a new skill: hand-lettering! Faux calligraphy and brush script phrases abound on all the decor I see lining the shelves in stores, and its not hard to understand why. Simple, elegant, and […]

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Shop Small Saturday

“Stay local!” It’s easier said than done when all those big box department stores offer deals that really cannot be passed up. 75% off? Buy one get TWO? The Black Friday sales I’ve seen advertised this year are ridiculous! Exactly how are people supposed to keep it local when corporate chains can offer so much […]

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Grand Opening

Come hang out at a brand new paint-your-own-pottery studio! The fruition of the 7-year-long dream of Caroleina Munoz, Dynamic Ceramics is what happens when you combine restless creative energy with a boundless desire to do things your own way. We have a large selection of pottery ready to be painted using one of our many […]

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What the heck is a PYOP?

Dynamic Ceramics can be described in a variety of ways: as an art hub, a community craft center, a contemporary ceramic studio, or just a fun place to hang-out. The best term for it, however, would have to be what is abbreviated in the industry as P.Y.O.P.–a paint-your-own-pottery studio. If you’re looking for just a […]

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The Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Ceramics would not be possible without the extraordinary support of Hailey DuPont and Kaitlyn Stone. At Dynamic Ceramics, we have more than just great employees, we have best friends ❤ Kaitlyn is an aspiring writer and customer service guru. She is one of the most cheerful people anyone will ever meet! Outside of the […]

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